Personal injury law

Personal injury law is a relatively broad area of practice primarily dealing with negligence actions, but sometimes strict liability actions, in which the client or his or her family member has been injured. The greatest volume of cases are car accidents, slip and falls, and animal attacks. However, the larger recovery cases tend to be product liability and medical malpractice cases.

Have you been injured in any of the following:

 Car Accidents  Pedestrian Accidents  Bicycle Accidents
 Motorcycle Accidents  Tractor Trailer Accidents  Bus Accidents
 Train Accidents  Drunk Driving Accidents  Texting Accidents
 Cell Phone Accidents  Distracted Driver Accidents  Truck Accidents
 Hit and Run Cases  Uninsured Motorist Accidents  Under insured Motorist Accidents
 Premises Liability Cases  Slip and Fall Cases  Construction Site Accidents
 Explosion Accidents  Dog Bites / Dog Attacks  Swimming Pool Accidents
 Medical Malpractice  Wrongful Death Cases  Head Injury Cases
 Spinal Cord Injury Cases  Back Injury Cases  Burn Victim Cases
 Birth Defects / Birth Injuries  Ambulance Negligence  Medical Errors
 Snow and Ice Accidents  Escalator Accidents  Elevator Accidents
 Food Poisoning  Water Park Accidents  Carnival Accidents
 Amusement Park Accidents  Laser Hair Removal Injuries  Liquor Liability / Dram Shop
 Nursing Home Injuries / Abuse  Defective and Dangerous Products  Workmen’s Compensation
 Snow and Ice Injuries  Hit and Run Accidents  Drunk Driving Accidents

Finding the right personal injury lawyer for you requires some diligence on your part. There are thousands of Massachusetts lawyers who take on personal injury cases. In working with clients, colleagues, and adversaries, we recommend you first consider the experience, results, and former client feedback of the attorney. Then meet with the lawyers you consider capable to handle the matter. Discuss the case facts and your expectations and assess with which lawyers you connect best. Your ultimate choice should be a lawyer well able to represent your interests, who you feel will keep you informed, keep things in understandable terms, and will deliver results. Perhaps the greatest benefit to utilizing our firm is that we do a tremendous amount of screening for you, considering the facts of your case and your preferences before connecting you with the lawyer we feel will give you the best result and experience.

What is your case worth: Though it may not be your first question, it is usually the question that causes the most anxiety. That’s partly because it’s nearly impossible to assess case value at the very beginning of the matter. It helps to start by understanding that your damages will depend largely on the length and extent of treatment, which are generally only beginning at the outset of the case. Additionally, facts often come to light in the middle of handling a claim that shift the potential recovery significantly. Often medical treatment is can quickly change from that which was anticipated at the outset of the accident. Because relevant facts develop throughout the case and, because setting the client’s expectations high is a recipe for failure later, I will work to answer your questions and keep you focused on your recovery.

How long your case takes depends greatly on the time your medical recovery takes. It is important to understand that until you are fully recovered or an expectation of permanent injury is spelled out, it is in your best interest to wait before attempting to settle the matter. That said, the average time period for a smaller case would be resolution in 6 months to a year. Cases with more significant injuries, longer recoveries, and/or more complex legal issues will likely take 1-5 years.

Will you case go to trial? Often times a personal injury settlement can be reached prior to going to trial. That said, I will always approach your case from the standpoint of preparing for trial and I am fully experienced in both negotiating settlements as well as Jury trial. Either way, I will work to maximize your recovery and settlement.

Costs up front? I work personal injury cases on a contingency basis. That is, the client does not pay anything out of pocket and, instead, the attorney receives a percentage of the recovery.

What we need from you is to get better. It is imperative to you and your family that you do your best to reach a full medical recovery. Be sure to address all medical issues and changes with your medical providers directly. Be sure to address medical restrictions with your employer or school and keep them updated as to your recovery. Finally, hire the right personal injury lawyer and cooperate and communicate with him or her. Understand that accessibility and a consistent flow of information are necessary to maximize results.