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Hiring and Attorney can be a stressful and daunting endeavor; whether you are facing a criminal charge,  recovering from an injury; looking to file for divorce; fighting for custody or declaring bankruptcy, asking the right questions and finding the right attorney to fit your individual needs  and personality can greatly reduce any stressful situation you are facing.

Experience: Having the right representation is very important.  There are many attorneys in Knoxville as well as Tennessee, but not all of them focus their practice on the type of law you might be looking for. Consider how long the attorney has practiced the type of law you are seeking representation in and their trial experience.  Consider also the type of cases they have represented and in what type of setting (i.e. Mediation, Judge, Jury etc.)

Peace of mind: Many people try to navigate the legal system solo, or defend themselves in cases. This can be both difficult and stressful.  In addition to experience, hiring the right attorney can give the client peace of mind knowing that they have someone knowledgeable who will be able to accurately determine what is and what is not appropriate to spend time worrying about.

Saving you money: It costs money to go to court regardless of the issue, dispute, or accusation.  The cost of an attorney is often far less than the indirect cost of fines, imprisonment, and other penalties that disrupt the defendant’s everyday life.

R,. Deno Cole is The Attorney you NEED. When it comes to choosing an attorney to best represent you, Mr. Cole is the perfect choice, his practice has centered on years of actual court experience. He excels in both Jury and Bench trials in all areas of his law practice. His mediation and arbitration capabilities are second to none. Mr. Cole has experience in both State and Federal courts and gives back to the community by taking on both Federal and State appointed cases. Mr. Cole takes on clients across the counties of East Tennessee and is licensed to practice in East, West and Middle Tennessee District courts and takes on clients all across east Tennessee.

The Process

1.) Consultation

Set up a consultation and our staff will contact you to get additional information and schedule an appointment with Mr. Cole.

2.) Investigation

We do the groundwork. Whether it involves an Accident, Family Matter, Traffic Stop or one of a thousand other scenarios, we dig in. We do what is needed to get our clients the maximum result.

3.) Results

From the beginning to the end, we are there for you. We do the work, We keep you informed. We push for results. We, have your back!

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